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Japanese Vector EPS ClipArt "Buddha" Vol.1

Buddha Tattoo Pictures - vector EPS clip art is great for t-shirts, tattoos, flyers, signs, print ads and more! Images are ready to import into your favorite applications or edited in most graphics applications. Buy and download for instant use.

* You must have vector editing software (such as Adobe Illustrator, or Macromedia Freehand) to edit this file. Included in this download is an EPS file compatible with Adobe Illustrator version 8 and above.

Buddha Tattoo Pictures pkg

Item Name : Buddha Tattoo Pictures [EPS]
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File Format : ZIP (contains 70 eps files , PDF catalog)
Download File Size : 21M
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Our files are compressed in zip archives, for safe travel over the internet. Your computer may decompress it to a folder automatically. If not, you will need to do it manually by using a free utility such as Winzip (Windows) or Stuffit Expander (Mac and Windows). Once you do this, a directory will appear on your computer, with the vector images inside. If you cannot find this directory, try doing a search for the name of the volume. For example, if you've unzipped a file called "samples_01.zip," a search for "samples" should locate the directory Each image on this downloadable file is available in .eps format. The EPS version of each image is fully editable and capable of outputting at high resolution. In order to edit and manipulate an EPS file, you must have a professional graphics program, capable of editing EPS files.

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